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    Here are a few photographs of the Oregon State Fair and a brief commentary about my visit. Use your browser's Back Button to navigate back to this directory of photos.

  • Baby Buggy Bumpers - I really didn't know what I had until I looked closely. Baby buggies are seemingly everywhere. There are seven baby buggies in this photo. Can you find them all?

  • Enjoying the Skylift Ride - These two young people are having a good laugh while passing through the frame. The vantage point of the skylift is a great way to preview the State Fair.

  • Marigolds and Main Gate - The main gate of the Oregon State Fairgrounds is on Sunnyview NE, just east of 17th Street. The mosaic tile work at the entrance is worth examining.

  • Fellow Photographer - This might be my favorite photo because it shows how you can have unexpected fun at the Fair. I pointed at this skylift rider and we took each other's photograph.

  • Race Track Grand Stand - The Oregon State Fair Grand Stand is the structure many say needs major renovation and waits for the Oregon Legislature to set aside funds.

  • Midway Carnival - If you like carnival rides and stuffed toy games, the Oregon State Fair has an extensive midway. It's like walking through a casino to get to a restaurant.

  • Concourse Joins Exhibits - This concourse allows visitors to move east to west at the northern end of the fairgrounds. Go from exhibit halls to livestock barns and more.

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    Saturday - August 25, 2000

    I just got back from the State Fair. I took my camera, walked through the exhibit halls, roamed the aisles of widget booths, rode the skylift back to the main entrance.

    I looked up a friend who was doing a weaving demonstration, ran into a flytier I knew from the days when there was time to do that sort of thing and watched a trio of young female daredevils get strapped into a giant, crane mounted, cable swing. As they were cranked up to the top of a second tower, the barker was saying, "It's zero to 60 in 1.2 seconds folks." Right.

    I migrated indoors to the Jackman-Long exhibition hall. Quilts to the rafters. This exhibit hall is my favorite part of the Fair. The best of the best in Oregon agriculture and crafts and cooking. Many wonderful things to see and learn about.

    Having walked to the north end of the fairgrounds, I decided to take the skylift back to the main gate and shoot some photos on the way. When I saw the price of the skylift tickets, I thought I'd try to have a little fun by getting two one-way tickets for $3.00 instead of what I needed: one one-way ticket for $2.50.

    When I got back to the main gate end of the skylift I waited out of the way, watching people who were approaching the skylift ticket booth. I was looking for someone who was alone and might want my ticket for a free ride one-way.

    Several people passed, doubles. I waited. Then, here he came...about 55 years old, by himself. As he passed I held out the ticket and said, "would you like a free one-way ticket?"

    He got a surprised look on his face, then lit up like a candle and said, "Really? Sure! Thanks!"

    "You're welcome." I turned and left. It felt good.

    Jon Hazen, editor/publisher
    Salem OnLine Community Guide
    "Serving The Community First"

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