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Consumer Information Catalog

Now we have the most efficient way to browse this well-known catalog of practical information, and then download our selections. The Pueblo, Colorado site supports both graphical and non-graphical browsers. Categories include: Children, Employment, Federal Programs, Travel & Hobbies, Cars, Health, Food & Nutrition, Housing, Money, Small Business (!!) and more. An excellent source of information for the whole family.

The Voice of America

For 53 years, Voice of America radio broadcasts have earned the reputation of providing up-to-the-minute, accurate and balanced news and features, as well as music and other entertainment, to its international audience. Voice of America is one of the top three international broadcasters, along with BBC World Service and Radio Moscow. An estimated 92 million listeners around the world tune in Voice of America programs in English and 46 other languages via direct medium wave (AM) and shortwave broadcasts.

The Internet Movie Database

This is a great worldwide site for comparing notes with other film folks. Use the "Search" menue to view detailed information about a particular movie, see the site's submenues, or take a look at the list of top 250 films and a whole lot more. Want to be a movie critic? Vote on films and contribute to the database in many ways. Navigation is easy and there is an FAQ (frequently asked questions).

The Nine Planets

This is a multimedia tour of our solar system with text, pictures, sounds and an occasional movie. Each of the planets and major moons in our solar system is briefly described and illustrated with pictures from NASA spacecraft.

Knowledge of our solar system is extensive. But it is far from complete. Some of the worlds have never been photographed in detail. The Nine Planets is an overview of what we know at this time.

Exploratorium Home Page

Our continuing search for quality sites with educational value brings this fine link to you as our Special of the Week. Exploratorium's current exhibit, "Diving Into the Gene Pool", is a major, multifaceted presentation exploring genetics and the Human Genome Project from a variety of perspectives. On display from April 8 to September 4, 1995.

Powell's Books - Portland, Oregon

Powell's is reputed to be the largest bookstore in the western United States. We don't know that for sure, but Powell's selection IS impressive as it stocks tens of thousands of new, as well as used, books. Powell's also has a very good Technical Book Store (also new & used) within easy walking distance of their downtown Portland store. Click Here to search their inventory electronically.

Project Gutenberg

This site contains digitized editions of public domain literature. Whether you are looking for a copy of Walden, Tarzan of the Apes, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, or one of my all-time favorites...The Scarlet Pimpernel, you will have a list of many dozens from which to select. Lists are cleanly formated for easy browsing and downloading.

Complete List of U.S. College & University Internet Sites

Learn more about colleges and universities through their World Wide Web sites. This is an alphabetical directory that is sure to be of interest to college grads and prospective students researching colleges and universities.

Explore the Halls of Congress

If you want to read searchable text from the Congressional Record, examine the language of a particular bill, find the email address of your Congressman, and much more, look no further. The United States Congress has an Internet site worthy of extensive exploration.

Live From Antarctica

This is a Passport to Knowledge project designed to allow students and teachers the opportunity to experience what life is like in the coldest place on the planet... Antarctica. A very good educational site for youngsters and adults alike.

Stone Age Cave Paintings

It's hard to believe these cave paintings are 20,000 years old and were *never discovered* until December 1994. These very special images are from a site in France!

--> Updates!

March 25, 1995 update. The text for this site is now in English. There are additional informational links at the bottom of the page. Definitely worth another Look & Read! The address for the site has also changed (and updated) since orginally posted it in February.

June 19, 1995. Reported in TIME Magazine this week that the cave paintings have been determined to be 30,000 years old, which make them the oldest ever discovered. The paintings also demonstrate a "non-linear" development of art as they incorporate the shape of the limestone cave walls and otherwise exhibit superb artistic ability, none of which is seen in "younger" cave paintings.

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