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  • Field Fresh Produce
  • Hand Thrown Pottery
  • In Season Fresh Cherries
  • Elegant Flowered Vases
  • Handmade Barretts
  • Jigsaw Woodworking
  • Artful Stepping Stone
  • Soaps & Vinegars
  • Tiger Lilies & Sunhats
  • Unfinished Wood Boxes
  • Unique Window Kids
  • Wooden Model Auto

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  • Salem Saturday Market is a clean, organized, juried open-air market where the quality of offerings is very good to excellent. There is plenty of convenient parking at the curb and in adjoining parking lots. No admission or parking fees. Lots of things to see, but buy then...because the mix of vendors & goods isn't necessarily the same each week.

    Here is a collection of items that have caught my eye. They represent only a very small portion of what you might see. Keep in mind these photos were taken during the 1998 and 1999 market seasons. Items that appear here may no longer be available. One suggestion for convenience is to ask for a business card if you see something you like but aren't prepared to purchase on the spot.

    -- jon hazen - May 4, 2001

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