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    Salem Rooftop Tour Buildings Collage

    Salem Oregon Tall Buildings Tour offers rooftop views from nine of Salem's tallest buildings. Included on each page is text describing each photo's visible landmarks. The collage above is clickable to each location.

    Each of the buildings in this tour provides good viewing. Images are formatted for quality, so downloading may be somewhat slower than normal. All photographs are 60-70K. The Buildings Location Map in the upper right corner appears on every page and is clickable.

    The only rooftop presented here that is open to the public is the Observation Deck - Tour Location F - of the Oregon Capitol. Observation Deck tours are available on the half hour, Memorial Day thru Labor Day. More information is available by calling (503) 986-1388.

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  • Capital Manor
  • B
  • Capital Center
  • C
  • Equitable Center
  • D
  • Marion County Courthouse
  • E
  • Pringle Creek Tower
  • F
  • Oregon State Capitol
  • G
  • Oregon Revenue Building
  • H
  • Prudential Building
  • I
  • Spinnaker Point II
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