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  • The Willamette Queen sternwheel riverboat makes it's home port in Salem, Oregon. In December the vessel's captain invited Salem residents aboard for her downstream run from a slip in Albany, Oregon to a dock at Salem Riverfront Park. I purchased a ticket soon after the announcement. In Salem, the sternwheeler offers one and two-hour excursions.

    Heavy rains and high water effectively delayed the downstream run. We waited a week and on January 9th, 1999 the river finally receded to a more normal winter level & with that cue, we were on our way. I had a great time taking walks around the upper deck for photos, chatting with fellow passengers, standing in the wheelhouse, & munching a good continental breakfast and afternoon lunch.

    My plan was to photograph the trip as it occurred and share the experience. To appreciate the amazing variety of weather encountered, photos are listed in the order taken. It was a day of wonderful weather patterns surrounding a scenic oreg17 river. The fog, mists, low-hanging clouds, water and abundant riverside flora massaged me gently into a state of relaxation. These photos will show you why.

    Jon Hazen January 1999

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