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    Latex Paint Recycling Guidelines

    Yes - Water based paint of any color
    Yes - Quantities as small as 1/4 can

    No - Rusty cans
    No - Hardened Paint
    No - Oil based paint or stain
    No - Specialty paint (textured, etc.)
    No - Hazardous Waste

    Your leftover latex paint will be processed into reusable paint in three colors - off white, gray, and tan tones. This makes a very good undercoat to cover graffiti until the property owner obtains the correct matching paint.

    When you call, you will be advised where you can pick-up a FREE Paint Back Kit. The kit includes recovered paint, and the kits are recyclable. This paint will make a good undercoat, prior to obtaining the matching final coat.

    For more information contact Marion County at 588-5169, Ext. 5991

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