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    August 29, 1995 - LOW RES
    North North/East East South/East
    South South/West West North/West
    September 22, 1997 - HIGH RES
    North North/East East South/East
    South South/West West North/West

    Special Views:

    Observation Deck
    Oregon State Capitol

    Join us for a view of Salem from the observation deck of the Oregon Capitol. 121 steps of marble, concrete, & metal with catwalks and ramps, and finally a narrow spiral staircase lead to a heavy door that opens at the base of the guilded "Golden Pioneer".

    Photos were taken two years apart. The 1995 photos are low resolution (about 33k each). The 1997 photos are twice the resolution and take twice as long to download....but for those who want a high quality view, it's worth the little extra wait. All photos are shot from the same perspective. Weather: Tuesday, August 29th, 1995 (74 degrees with cloud cover and occasional spitting rain) & Monday, September 22, 1997 (73 degrees, blue sky...until Thursday when more rain is forecast).

    You can return to this page by selecting the date above either directory from any photo page. Observation Deck Tours are conducted every thirty minutes, Monday thru Friday from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Call 503-986-1388 to confirm the tour schedule.

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