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    Asahel Bush House - Salem, Oregon

    1877 custom kitchen cookstove

    This original wood-fired cookstove had many features including, on the right end above the woodbox, a broiler. On the wall in the upper right corner of the photo is the invoice for all of the carved Italian marble fireplaces in the house: about $800. Consider the value of that sum in 1877!

    Bush House Photo Tour

  • Entry Staircase
  • Staircase Detail
  • Formal Sitting Room
  • Family Living Room
  • Beautiful Piano
  • 19th Century Attire
  • Elegant Dining Room
  • Wood Cookstove
  • Bedroom Furnishings
  • Marble Fireplace
  • Fireplace Detail
  • South Exterior View
  • Conservatory (greenhouse)
  • Conservatory Interior
  • Pioneer Grave Site
  • Bush House History
  • Visitor Information

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